Hi, my name is Charlie Haines and welcome to my website!!!

Before you view my site, you need to know a few things about me.  I have been handcrafting both folding and fixed blade knives since 1983 All blades are made of 440C or ATS34 stainless steel or Damascus steel.  Each blade is heat treated, tempered and cryo-treated to achieve a hardness of 61 on the Rockwell scale.  I also design and handcraft a 9 - 10 oz. leather sheath for each custom knife.

Every knife on my site was handmade by me, right here in central Texas.  I believe in providing a quality product, whether it is a no frills working knife or a work of edged art.  There is no substitute for quality and I believe my work reflects that.

My knives instill pride of ownership and the reliability to see you through a lifetime of hard service.  Compare the quality of the materials with the fine craftsmanship of the finished knife and you can see the real value of your investment.  These knives are built one at a time to be strong and functional. I offer a lifetime warranty on my knives, should they fail under normal use, I will replace them at my expense*.  

The purpose of this website is to  acquaint you with the blades I offer, the color & grain patterns of the materials I like to use for the handles and my custom sheaths.  The designs on display are just a sample of my craftsmanship.  You can mix and match from these designs or I can custom build based on your design.  I'm always open to your suggestions.


Charlie Haines


* Mishandled or abused knives will not be replaced.  This warranty applies as long as I am alive and able to effect repairs.



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